The International Euro-Aliment Symposium Vision

In a world of growing complexity and uncertainty, the integrity of food chain is threatened by multiple factors related to global changes (climate change, rapid urbanization, population ageing, pandemic), unexpected crises (natural disasters, financial and political crises), and by uneven responses of food industry to these processes and events.

Food science, food technology and related fields such as biotechnology, nutrition, bioeconomy etc. play an increasingly important role in providing efficient and sustainable food systems, enabling food security, safety, quality, and responsibility assets to be delivered next to food to the consumers, alleviating their uncertainties and un-trust in a turbulent ongoing and post-pandemic world.

By organizing the International Euro-Aliment Symposium every two years, the Faculty of Food Science and Engineering from Dunărea de Jos University of Galați, provides an excellent opportunity to set up a new vision and goals for the national and international community from academia and industry.

The Euro-Aliment 2023 is committed to function as the best environment for the food scientists, researchers, engineers, technologists, policymakers and businesses in food and food-related fields, to connect and collaborate with a view to shape new and emerging solutions and technologies for the development of food industry after the pandemic crisis.

By supporting the food science community and promoting new trends and drivers of food science, food technology, biotechnology, and food related fields, Euro-Aliment 2023 also express its gratitude to all those who were involved in the food chain, from farmers to marketing and serving, providing the same diversity of food as in normal times, in conditions of exposure to the risk of COVID-19.

In a world of distancing, Euro-Aliment 2023 aims to contribute to better connect people and share science through food and identify solution for an eco-resilient world.