Plenary speakers


National Technological Centre for the Food and Canning Industry, Murcia, Spain


Adem 4


Dr. Adem Gharsallaoui has been a research professor at the University of Lyon 1 for 12 years. He has supervised several doctoral theses on the encapsulation of active molecules and more particularly of antimicrobial compounds and has extensive experience in the study of the functional properties of food biopolymers, on the evaluation of interactions between biomolecules, the formulation of micro and nanoemulsions, the production of microcapsules by spray-drying, on the study of the release kinetics and the evaluation of the antimicrobial activity of microcapsules. He is the author of over 85 international publications.

Research Interests: Encapsulation; Molecular interactions; Bioactive molecules; Biopolymers; Controlled release
 Costel DARIE  Department of Chemistry and Biomolecular Science, Clarkson University, United States of America



Professor Seid Mahdi Jafari received his PhD in Food Process Engineering from the University of Queensland (Australia), in 2006. He has been working on the nanoemulsification and nanoencapsulation of food bioactive ingredients for the past 15 years. Now, as a full Professor, he is an academic member of GUASNR (Iran) and Adjunct Professor in University of Vigo (Spain). He has published more than 290 papers in top-ranked International Food Science Journals (h-index 58 in Scopus) and 60 book chapters along with editing 36 books with Elsevier, Springer, and Taylor & Francis. In November 2015, he was awarded as one of the top 1% world scientists by Thomson Reuters (Essential Scientific Indicators) in the field of Biological Sciences. In December 2017, he was selected as one of the top national researchers by the Iranian Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology. He has been awarded as one of the world’s highly cited researchers by Clarivate Analytics (Web of Science), in November 2018, 2019 and 2020; and a top reviewer in the field of agricultural and biological sciences by Publons (September 2018 and 2019).



Ewa Maciejczyk is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Sciences at Lodz University of Technology (Poland). Her research interests are focused on the isolation of natural products (especially from plant waste/pomace), their effect on skin, and on potential applications in cosmetic products.

Katarzyna FELISIAK

photo K.Felisiak1

Dr. Katarzyna Felisiak, an Assistant Professor at Faculty of Food Sciences and Fisheries of West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin (ZUT), Poland. Her scientific interests are primarily related to proteolytic enzymes and fish products, as well as increasing the antioxidant properties of protein products through proteolysis. In addition, based on private and family interests, she also research and develop confectionery and bakery products, especially sugar-free, suitable for diabetics. Dr. Katarzyna Felisiak had also  been working on the possibility of increasing the pro-health properties of products by combining both areas of research.

Remigiusz PANICZ

Remigiusz Panicz is Associate Professor at the Faculty of Food Sciences and Fisheries (ZUT in Szczecin, Poland). Remigiusz has over 15 years' experience of research and development in freshwater aquaculture with emphasis on fish genetics, nutrition, physiology, diseases, and processing. Current interests deal with fish fortification, valorization of aquaculture side streams and improving use of fish and invertebrate by-products. He has published ~40 peer reviewed publications and participated in several national, EU and PL-Asia projects as partner and/or national coordinator.

Stefania SILVI


Dr. Stefania Silvi is Assistant Professor of Microbiology at the School of Biosciences and Veterinary Medicine of University of Camerino, Italy. Her research interest is the selection and characterization of probiotic bacterial strains from human and animal intestinal microbiota and the study of their properties and role in beneficial effects for human and animal health. The investigation of prebiotic activities of several foods and food components, such as virgin olive oils, soy bean, coffee bean, and the applications of probiotic bacterial strains as composites in paper and PLA films in designing novel active food-packaging, are also her current research fields. She has published about 80 peer reviewed publications and she has also taken part in numerous funded national and European projects as partner and/or national coordinator.